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The Ark Divers, a project from the heart.
From Divers for Divers.

We are a Canadian/German couple who love nothing more than scuba diving and enjoying nature and its wonders. Our vision for many years was to create a place where happy people come together and live in harmony with nature.
In the beautiful mountains of Pixvae surrounded by tropical forests, we found the perfect place to do exactly that. With no phone signal or internet access, you can truly enjoy a stress less holiday experience. However, for those in need of sending a quick email or getting in touch with someone outside, there is a wifi hotspot in the village. 
Not only can you enjoy the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Coiba National Park in 20 minutes by boat, but also explore the surrounding unspoiled beaches, waterfalls, mangroves, forests and hidden caves that Pixvae has to offer.
Diving in Coiba National Park is one of the most unique experiences in the world. With a great diversity of marine life; from small seahorses to large mammals like humpback whales or playful dolphins and of course the biggest fish in the world the whale shark, you wouldn’t want to miss out a chance to go for a dive around one of the 38 islands of Coiba National Park.
If you are not a diver (yet) there are plenty of other things to do on either one of the Islands or in the area of Pixvae. Take a Kayak and explore the mangroves, come along for a hike to enjoy untouched nature and watch the playful monkeys jumping through the canopy or simply watch some colourful tropical birds showing off their beauty.

In the summer months July-October you have the chance to go whale watching; that's when the humpback whales are using the shelter of Coiba National Park to feed their calves and prepare them for their travel. Come along on a snorkel trip and enjoy some of Coiba's best snorkel spots and beaches. Who can spot the turtle? 
Coiba National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has a diversity of marine and terrestrial animals that only a few places in the world can match.

Our mission is to create a safe haven surrounded by nothing but nature and a view that you will never forget. The Ark welcomes all those who are passionate about sharing a happy life in symbiosis with mother nature.
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Audrey & Mike