The Full Story


Pixvae is a small fishing village located on the pacifist coast of Panama - approximately 220 km southwest of Panama City and 45 km from its closest town Sona. The village counts +- 400 residents.

In Pixvae, you will experience a life how it used to be. No stress - only happiness, just the simple life.


The name of the village Pixvae also means Peach Palm tree. It is a delicious typical panamanian fruit that grows in large bunches of a palm tree. 

Pixvae, Pixbae, Pifa, Piba, Pejibaye; all different ways to pronounce this unique place.

The trip from Sona is a 3-hour long dirt road ride only accessible with a 4x4 truck. Another way to visit Pixvae is by boat from Puerto Vidal. We are very happy to organize transport for all our customers.


Once you are in Pixvae you are at the closest mainland access to Coiba National Park!


 The village is located directly on the beach and is surrounded by the ocean, mangroves, rivers, and lush jungle.

The "main road" is the beach which makes it a true beach village.


As of 2021, there is no phone signal or electricity in the village. Houses are run by either solar panels, generators or candles.


People here are following the natural circle of the sun. Get up at rising and sleep after sunset.

The most common form of transport is by horse. 

Next to the police station, you can be lucky on a sunny day and catch some of the public wifi from Infoplaza satellite or make a call at the public telephone. No ATM in the village. 


Pixvae is a very authentic and unique place.


Enjoy the smells of a freshly caught fried fish escaping the kitchens of the local ladies in the village.

See children playing with sticks or other toys nature offers and the men going out on their cayucos trying to catch some fish the artisanal way.

Enjoy a fresh coconut in your Hammock and forget all the worries of the world.

The first people migrating to Pixvae in the 19th century did so to harvest the area's plenty full oyster beds. Not only oyster beds were found in abundance but also Pixvae palm trees hence the villages name Pixvae. In their hunt for sea pearls, people back then were mainly free Divers.


Legends of men diving to incredible depths and encountering mermaids still making rounds in the village to this date. In the early 19th century (around 1920 and onwards) the oyster beds around Coiba Island were facing difficult times due to overfishing and unsustainable fishing methods.


On top of that, a disease also struck the sea pearl beds which led to a stop to diving activities in the area.


From now on, people of the area relied on artisanal fishing in and around Coiba Island.


With the closing of the prison on the main Coiba Island and the creation of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, regulations and laws on fishing were implemented.


Following regulations on the main source of income for the people of Pixvae, we are now trying to establish a sustainable flow of Eco-Tourism in the area and involve the village people as much as we can.


in 2019, the bay of Pixvae has been proclaimed the first protected zone of Panama where only artisanal fishing is allowed.

The surrounding area of Pixvae is an untouched nature Paradise.


Several hidden beaches, caves and waterfalls in the area make it a Paradise for nature lovers.

The fact that Pixvae is the closest mainland access point to Coiba National Park makes it even more attractive to Divers or anyone else interested in the Park.

A massive area of mangroves in the backdrop of the village not only makes a perfect breeding ground for several bird and fish species but also an excellent opportunity to hike or explore by kayak.


Geographically the area of Pixvae catches the interest of many scientists who are doing different studies here; whether it's in the mangroves, jungles, or the ocean.

For ourselves, it is very important to live as sustainably as possible in harmony with nature. It's the perfect place to do so.

The people of Pixvae are very welcoming and warm-hearted.


Everyone greets everyone and laughing children are interested in meeting every new human entering their village.


There is so much to learn from these people.

Things we have forgotten in the modern world hustle.

The value of sharing and helping each other here is bigger than in other places. Being so remote and away from everything, there is no other way than to have a strong community.

It's a truly unique experience to come and visit Pixvae if you know what to expect!