A howley monkey in the trees of the jungle on the mountain of pixvae at theeco scuba lodge the ark divers panama



Here are some of the most popular activities you can enjoy with us whilst staying at The Ark. Book these inhouse activities directly with us.


Come on a Kayak trip and explore!

Either with a naturalist guide or just by yourself. Unspoiled beaches and little islands will make for a nice day out.

Grab a homemade lunch and go visit a deserted beach, hike to a waterfall or make one of the little islands surrounding the area your private island for a day (you might share it with some monkeys).

Get surprised by a pod of playful dolphins or see a humpack whale breaching out of the water.

Kayak through a labyrinth of mangroves. This important ecosystem provides shelter for many juvenile fish.

kayak excursion day trip coiba national park pacific coast pixvae panama the ark divers

The river running through the mangroves forest connects directly to the ocean and plays a vital role in that ecosystem.​ It's the perfect way to let go of all the stress and reconnect with nature.



Coiba National Park is one of the only places in the world where Humpback whales migrate from both the northern and southern hemispheres. 


The migration route of the whales coming from the north is the longest migration of any species on the planet. They come here to both breed and give birth. The warm tropical waters are the perfect place to do so. 

whalewatching day excursion coiba national park pacific coast pixvae the ark divers scuba lodge


July to November are the months with the most sightings. 


Join in for a day trip watching these gentle giants or listen to them sing underwater. 

You most likely gonna see dolphins and turtles too on a full day  excursion. 

For lunch, we stop at a remote beach to do some snorkeling or just enjoy being lost in paradise. This trip will take you along the pacific coast of Panama and Coiba National Park.


Visit some of the most remote beaches within the park.


Different beaches like yellow sand, white sand, black sand, or rock tell an interesting story about the history of the area. ​

A so-called lancha (boat in a specific form) with a local captain will go from beach to beach or waterfall to waterfall (depends where you want to go).


Choose between snorkeling, sunbathing, having a dip in the freshwater of a waterfall, or just enjoy some fresh fruits and lunch. 


Overall this is a fun day packed with exploration and lots of nature!

island hopping day trip excursion coiba national park the ark divers pacific coast pixvae granito de oro panama


Enjoy the flora and fauna of Coiba National Park on a full day of fun and information.

Learn about the history of Coiba and visit the information center and Museum on the main island, Isla de Coiba. Meet Tito the resident crocodile - born and raised in Pixvae.

tito crocodile coiba national park pacific coast panama day trip the ark divers scuba lodge holidays
waterfall coiba national park pixvae panama pacific coast the ark divers excursion vacation


Being so remote Pixvae and its surroundings has a lot of nature and wildlife to offer.

There are several waterfalls and rivers in the area which can be reached either by hiking, horseback, kayaking, or by boat. Combining activities is a fun thing to do too.

Hike through the mountain forest to a beach, jump into a kayak, paddle off to a little island and spend a couple of hours snorkeling.


Bird watchers won't be disappointed with the diversity of birds around.

Birds such as Toucans or Parrots can be viewed almost everywhere you go in the area. Coiba National Park is home to endemic species and one of the last refuge for many bird species of Central America.

Several bird species are also found breeding and living in the mangroves.


Don't forget your camera for a shot of a colorful toucan!

toucan coiba national park bird watching excursion the ark divers scuba lodge activites trips
horseback riding beach pixvae pacific coast panama excursion the ark divers


The horse is still the most common form of transportation in Pixvae.


There is the option of getting on horseback and enjoy a day of riding through the forest along the rivers onto the beach for sunset.


Snorkeling different spots in the surrounding bays of Pixvae lets you connect to the underwater world without any big travel times at all.

Some very diverse reefs and fish can be seen in the area.

turtle snorkeling day trip excursion activites the ark divers coiba national park panama


Whenever the tide is right you will see the children of the village sitting on the dock fishing. Very skilled with there homemade fishing lines, they are more than happy to educate anyone on their local fishing technics.

Bring back your catch of the day and we’ll cook it for you!


If you feel like doing nothing at all for a day; then The Ark is the perfect place for it. Grab a book, relax in the hammock and enjoy the sea view from the mountains.

hammock relaxing the ark divers view on islas contreras coiba national park pacific pixvae panama

Maybe some yoga or meditation contemplating the ocean view directly from your balcony in between 2 naps?

Don't miss out on the freshly made smoothies or cocktails from the bar. Sit back and relax.


A whole new world comes alive at night and is waiting to be explored. Away from city light pollution, enjoy a clear sky at night from your balcony watching the stars in good company. 

Not a 5-stars resort but a 5 millions star night sky. 
Shooting Star


There nothing quite like making the most out of a warm summer evening with an outdoor movie night. Relax and layback!